Seasons Cycle (in progress)

I like Spring the best


I like it when the winter ends

And the season of unlocking begins


The changing colors of the leaves

Means less to me than their vernal birth


I will always marvel at the

Newly green sea of grass


And the green waves undulating

On the winds of awakened life


Summer winds fill

my senses; bringing all the glory

of nature to me.

I am overwhelmed, and,

by result, serene.


I am susceptible to zen riddles,

like a tree falling,

or a hand clapping.

I can be shocked

into unity with the universe.


When I am tired,

and the world feels silent,

I hear the sounds of the living.

I feel the breath of the earth.


I  miss watching the lights,

the sounds of a fan,

the company of children

and of adults.


When I was surrounded

by beautiful lanterns,

I wanted to be beautiful

like a lantern.


When I could smell fresh earth,

I wanted to be like the earth.

One with it.

A part of it.


A part of everything.

A part of summer.